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Ah, Puppy Love… that beautiful, hazy crush when your heart is aflutter and the world is a rosy, sunny place. We agree that’s a beautiful place, so why not use it as a starting point when you are looking for the perfect mate?

We are the FIRST niche website designed specifically for singles who love dogs. Our site has over 2 million dog lovers who are looking for someone just like them – a loving, caring human being who feels life isn’t complete without a tail wagging, furry friend. If you meet someone who loves dogs you immediately have common interests (after all, why do complete strangers at the dog park talk like old friends?!). We are here to help you find a good match for the rest of your criteria.

Come on in and try us. We are offering you our FREE BOOK “Dog Lovers Need Love Too” and a FREE 3-day trial of our site .

The world needs more puppy love and we’re here to help!

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At You Must Love Dogs Dating, we want to provide you with the best possible user experience. You can’t always meet face to face, and to break the barriers further we have introduced the video profile feature! Record your profile using a webcam or camera and feature it on your profile instantly.

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You Must Love Dogs Dating

Doggie Cooking Network

Cooking for the family should always include cooking for your lovely furry friends. Discover some of our delicious pup-approved recipes on our doggie cooking network.

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You Must Love Dogs Dating

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Look at all the pawesome coverage we’ve been getting! From talk shows to the local news has given dog owners all over the country something to howl about. Check out some of our media here.

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Doggy Cooking Network

Nobody loves food like a dog!

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